About us:

Shirin Nougat Co. was established in 1940

History of the Company:

1880-1908: Historically nougat (Gaz) was a home-baked product prepared very traditionally in sun-porch of houses in Isfahan and was bartered in old days trading.
Gradually gaz production moved from houses to shops. The late Mirza Ali Sheikh-Bahaei (the founder of Shirin Nougat) was a pioneer of this movement and after tremendous efforts he managed to make gaz production slightly more industrialized. He separated gaz production from other confectionaries and found Shirin Nougat company in 1940 (trade license number:1304/2382).
1950-1970: During the expansion time, Shirin Nougat became more industrialized and received Production and Operation license from Ministry of Industry and Food production license from department of food and drug in Ministry of Health in 1970.

Awards and Recognitions:

110 years history of high quality nougat (gaz) production recognized as “Top brand” in 2011 and 2013.

“Highest Quality Food production” award among food factories in 2008 and 2013

“Best Technical director” award in 2007, 2008 and 2013

“Top quality brand” award in central counties, 2012

“National Souvenir badge” received from first National Souvenir Festival

First nougat company produced and registered “Low Calorie nougat”, “Nougat without sugar” and “Low calorie probiotic nougat” and received production license from department of Food and Drug in ministry of Health

“The best gaz (nougat) company” award in the First Gaz, Confectionary and related products Festival

Shirin Nougat, with 110 years experience in nougat production and multiple awards as top quality brand in food industry, is proud to bring sweetness to your homes.

CEO: Mr. Mahmoud Sheikh Bahaei

Technical Director: Mrs. Elaheh Tagarian

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